Virtual Interlining for airlines

Connecting airlines is the very reason we exist

virtual interlining airlines

Virtually Interlining airlines is the idea is built upon. It is the reason for our development from nothing seven years ago to becoming one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in travel.

virtual interlining for airlines

Benefits of working with

  • Build customized virtual networks
  • Expand with hundreds and thousands of Virtually Interlined OnDs
  • Utilize distressed inventory
  • Gain incremental passenger traffic
  • Penetrate offline markets
  • Gain insights for classic network development
  • Agile approach to dynamic demand
  • No SPA cost
  • No liability for connection disruption
  • Outsourced customer support
  • Holistic customer-centric product

Connecting carriers who do not normally cooperate, whether air or ground

Virtual Interlining allows us to connect carriers to those outside of their partner network, increasing your ability to sell routes to passengers outside of your region. We started by Virtually Interlining low-cost content, expanded this to include full-service, and then to ground transport. 

To be ahead of consumer needs we constantly work on algorithmic functionality, such as our latest advancement — mixed-class connections. This allows business class on a long-haul to connect to a last-mile economy flight, as well as full-service to low-cost combinations).

This means that every single seat you sell is connected to an almost infinite number of feeders and connections at either end — your destination airport becomes a hub. With the addition of ground transport to air content, we help you to bring more incremental passenger traffic as well from non-IATA destinations.

virtual interlining for airlines

All connections protected by Guarantee

Virtual Interlining combines flight segments from around 200 low-cost carriers with those offered by full-service carriers. When all ground transport providers are included, there are more than 750 carriers to choose from. And all of these connections are protected by the Guarantee.

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virtual interlining for airlines