Virtual Interlining

We had our big idea, and we’re giving it to you

virtual interlining kiwi.comVirtual Interlining is a simple idea — making transport providers connect even when the companies don’t work together — but one that is incredibly difficult to put into practice. 

Before came along, a traveler had two choices. They could fly with a normally interlined full-service carrier or they could spend hours and hours searching every possible airline, every possible connection and every possible price to find the best deal. It was thought it couldn’t be automated — the sums were too complex and the travel industry too corporate to try anything new.

This is where our Virtual Interlining algorithm comes in. A combination of incredibly talented developers and big data allowed us to do those sums. In seven short years, we have gone from being a small startup to one of the fastest growing companies in the world — all because we had this idea and were able to made it work.

virtual interlining

Why adopt a Virtual Interlining Solution?

  • Build customized virtual networks
  • Expand with hundreds of thousands of Virtually Interlined OnDs
  • Utilize distressed inventory
  • Gain incremental passenger traffic
  • Penetrate offline markets
  • Gain insights for classic network development
  • Agile approach to dynamic demand
  • No SPA cost
  • No liability for connection disruption
  • Outsourced customer support
  • Holistic customer-centric product

What is Virtual Interlining?

Interlining is an airline-industry-specific term. Carriers come to an agreement with others, or join an alliance, and then passengers can fly to their destination using all of those airlines in agreement. 

What does differently is connecting carriers even if they do not have an agreement. Now it’s possible to include budget carriers in the mix and a Star Alliance flight can connect to routes from Oneworld or SkyTeam, or to easyJet or Ryanair. 

Infinite options at your fingertips

virtual interlining kiwi.comSuddenly the options become infinite, and the time it takes and costs are significantly reduced.

The algorithm searches our own database, which is the largest of its type. It is full of information provided by the airlines we cooperate with, global distribution systems, and more than 750 other data sources. Recently, we added ground transport to the information we hold. Now we seamlessly connect buses, trains, taxis and ride-hailing providers to flights, with ferries coming soon.

At, Virtual Interlining combines flight segments from more than 250 low-cost carriers with those offered by full-service carriers. When all ground transport providers are included, there are more than 750 carriers to choose from. And all of them protected by our Guarantee.

Virtual Interlining for airlines

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Virtual Interlining for ground and sea transport

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Virtual Interlining for travel retailers

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