Hosted Stopover Program

Creating more than just a connection

hosted stopover program

The Hosted Stopover Program covers a range of products designed specifically for airports. These are built to maximize connectivity, the amount of revenue earned from passengers traveling through an airport, while also improving their customer experience.

The Program is a bundle of six different products available for airports: Minimum Connection Times optimization (MCT), White Label booking platform, our Data Insights product, Marketing support, Smart Pass implementation, and Transfer Experience optimization. Because every airport is different, we work directly with your team to custom-build each to fit your needs, and they’re available separately if you wish. Contact our Airports team to find out more.

hosted stopover program

MCT optimization

mct optimization

Optimizing passenger connections increases traffic and revenue

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Airport Dashboard

airport dashboard

Assess the possibilities that Virtual Interlining brings airports

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White Label Booking Platform

white labels

We do all the hard work — you increase revenue

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Transfer Experience optimization

Smart pass airport partner

Increasing customer satisfaction by streamlining the self-connect transfer process

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Provide passengers with smooth and comfortable airport transfer

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Marketing support

marketing affiliate

Access the talent of our in-house creative agency and marketing teams

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