Travel retailers

Access the largest database of travel content

travel retailers has the largest database of travel content in the world, which provides completely unique and easily managed itineraries. This is effortless for travel retailers to access and sell whatever your size. We provide a range of solutions from super-quick and robust APIs to a self-service offline booking tool.

travel retailers

Make your life easy with

  • Unique Virtually Interlined content 
  • No look-to-book ratio
  • Largest content database of its kind — including the most low-cost carriers of any large OTA
  • 24/7 high-quality B2B customer service
  • Easy to implement APIs
  • Manage My Bookings provides self-service reservation management
  • Multitude of tools available in Tequila
  • All connections protected by the Guarantee and industry-leading customer support
  • Expert service and advice tailored to your market

With no look-to-book ratio, and access to the most low-cost carriers of any large OTA, our pricing is incredibly competitive. When this is combined with Virtual Interlining and our range of ground transport, our price points drop even further. Virtual Interlining connects carriers who do not normally cooperate, significantly reducing the cost of multi-segment journeys for the passenger. 

travel retailers

For retailers large and small

For larger retailers, we manage accounts on a regional level. This means that you know you are provided with expert service and advice tailored to your market. We will also help with implementation and optimization of our products so you receive exactly what you want. Our APIs and booking management systems are also available for self-service through Tequila, our B2B portal.

Retailers who may not have the ability to implement our technology can access our self-service offline booking tool in Tequila. This allows you to search and book all of our content quickly and easily. Tequila also allows you to manage all of your bookings in one place.

travel retailers

Excellent customer service, guaranteed

Every partner receives the benefits of our industry-leading customer support and Guarantee. In case of any disruption caused by delay, cancellation or schedule change, will always take care of our passengers and ensure they arrive at their final destination. If the passenger decides not to finish the journey, they are entitled to a refund. B2B customer support is provided by a dedicated team, available 24/7.

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travel retailers